The Best Fire Extinguisher Recharge Service in California!

Lighthouse Fire Protection provides Fire Extinguisher Recharge services to businesses in California. The process of recharging a fire extinguisher includes fixing an adapter to the unit, which is attached to a nitrogen tank. The nitrogen tank is regulated to make sure the fire extinguisher reaches a capacity of 195 psi as recommended by NFPA Standards. We increase the air pressure by adding Nitrogen to the fire extinguisher and also test for leaks to make sure that your fire extinguisher is safe and ready for use. 





How often do I need to check my empty fire extinguishers for fire extinguisher refill service?

The Fire Extinguisher is refilled per pound depending on the specified fire extinguisher. The ABC Dry Chemical is the typical type of powder mostly recommended for wood plastic combustible fires, flammable liquids, and energized electrical equipment. We service empty fire extinguishers for businesses, restaurants, and specified manufacturers. Fire Extinguisher refill includes on site service in and out within 20-30 minutes depending on the quantity of units. We service Orange County, LA County, Riverside County and San Diego County. 




Why do I have to get a fire extinguisher inspection?

Cal Fire requires every business to meet strict standards on their fire extinguishers to ensure safety to the public. The local fire department is required to check your business once a year to make sure your annual service tags are up to date. To avoid a fine from the city and to protect your business, Lighthouse Fire Protection makes it easy to get service by providing a Fire Extinguisher Technician onsite to give a quick check and inspection of the fire extinguisher for your business. The fire extinguisher annual tag is placed on the fire extinguisher and punched for the day, month, and year of service. This tag is signed by the technician licensed by the California State Fire Marshall. All of the Lighthouse Fire Protection employees are qualified individuals to provide a thorough inspection of all of the units. We provide easy monthly inspections for your facility by sending one of our own technicians.




The best California Fire Extinguisher Installation company!

Fire Extinguisher Installations are made easy by Lighthouse Fire Protection. A technician is sent out to desired location to ensure the proper amount of fire extinguishers are placed on the property depending on the square footage of the building. The required distance is 3-5 feet from the bottom of the fire extinguisher to the top of the fire extinguisher from the ground as stated by the California State Fire Marshall. Specific types of fire extinguisher brackets are needed for different sizes and types of fire extinguishers.




Fire Extinguisher Training!

Fire Extinguisher Training is important for any type of business. One of our fire extinguisher technicians provide all of the information and safety requirements needed for your employees to be safe at your business. Lighthouse Fire Protection takes pride in offering individual and group training sessions where we demonstrate how to efficiently put out a fire during a hazardous situation. If you are interested in signing up for one of our group packages contact us today!





How often do I need a new fire extinguisher?

Hyrdostatic Testing is required by Cal Fire to be performed on each portable fire extinguisher every 12 years. This test is important to know if your fire extinguisher is reliable after years of being stagnant. To properly analyze the functionality of your unit, all parts and chemicals are removed from the hydrant. We then pressure test the cylinder under water to prevent any unwanted leaks and to ensure the safety of your employees. After the unit has been tested we then offer our fire extinguisher refill service. Read more about all of the California State Laws regarding Portable Fire Extinguisher Regulations






Does my building need a Sprinkler System?

Fire Sprinkler Service is crucial to make sure your facility is safe in case of an emergency fire. In commercial buildings that exceed 5000 sq. feet, it is mandatory that an automatic sprinkler system be installed. We highly recommend quarterly inspections to service your fire sprinkler system. Through our certified technicians, your business can easily obtain your annual fire sprinkler certification. We specialize in 5 year certifications and backflow testing.




How often do Fire Extinguisher parts need to be replaced?

Fire extinguisher parts need to be replaced every 6 years by a certified fire protection company. The 6 year breakdown is a complete teardown of the fire extinguisher and replacement of the valve stem and "O" ring. This is to ensure that the fire extinguisher holds its pressure until it is time for the 12 year hydrostatic testing.




The Best Fire Kitchen Service in California!

Fire Kitchen Service is needed to keep kitchen cooks and restaurant employees in a safe environment at all times. On site Fire Extinguisher Inspections and services are provided by Lighthouse Fire Protection licensed partners. We will help to provide the best fire kitchen service at the most affordable price for your restaurant.





How often do I need to inspect my Restaurant Hood Fire System for Service?

Restaurant Hood Fire System Inspections are required every 6 months. Your fire system links should be manually switched out with new links every year. Lighthouse Fire Protection provides this restaurant hood fire systems service through our reputable licensed Fire Protection Partner Program.





Does my business need a fire extinguisher certification tag?

Fire Extinguisher Certification Tags let the business owner and employees know when the company fire extinguishers are due for service. The certification tag lets the local fire department know that the company is staying up to compliance with their fire extinguisher equipment. The fire extinguisher certification tag must have the day, month, and year that it was last serviced. Its important to stay up to date with your certification tags for insurance purposes in case of a fire emergency. If your tags are not up to date there are ramifications when filing insurance claims. Restaurants and businesses can also get audited if they do not get their registration tags updated yearly.




How often do I need to service my Fire Suppression System?

Fire Suppression Systems need to be serviced every year to make sure they are working in the case of a fire. If links are not exchanged yearly, heat from cooking underneath the designated fire system can possibly erode and melt these links causing the fire system to release a large chemical discharge in the kitchen. This is why it is imperative to switch out new links yearly. A few of the different types of fire systems include Buckeye, Ansul, Pyrochem, Amerex and Badger.




What are Clean Agent Systems?

Clean Agent Systems are Halon Fire Extinguishers and CO2 Fire Extinguishers. These extinguishers provide a clean and mess free way to put out any fire. The Halon and CO2 fire extinguishers are specifically made to extinguish fires where highly sensitive electrical equipment is located. These fire extinguishers are more expensive, but are definitely worth the investment if you want to protect your property and assets.




How often do I need to service my Ansul Fire Suppression System?

Ansul Fire Suppression Systems are the most recognized standard type of Kitchen Hood System. These systems must be inspected every 6 months and serviced yearly. The service includes checking the fire system link line in order to properly ensure the links are placed up to code. This requirement is stated by the NFPA and also made available through title 19 under CAL FIRE.




Are Emergency Exit Lighting signs required for my business?

Emergency Exit Lighting helps make sure your employees and your customers of your business are well aware of all of your exit strategies in case of an emergency fire in your building. These signs are required at all exits of your business as found in NFPA and Cal Fire.